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Bullard Middle School is looking for caring and dedicated community members to volunteer as student mentors. This is both a rewarding and memorable experience for both the mentor and the student(s)! 

The mentoring program supports our goals of high student achievement and safe nurturing schools. We all know that young people today face far more personal and social pressures than any previous generation. Research indicates that early intervention through a structured mentor relationship may help give young people the tools needed to deal effectively with these pressures. 

A positive self-image is crucial to learning. How we view ourselves determines our goals, behaviors, and responses to others. Students need to know somoene cares for them and is willing to encourage them and help them learn to set appropriate goals. As a mentor, you will provide that encouragement and assistance. 


A good mentor...

  • Is a positive role model
  • Is not judgemental
  • Reacts well to and tolerates stressful situations
  • Is patient
  • Nurtures a relationship that respects the mentee's dignity
  • Reinforces the student's successes
  • Is caring
  • Has a good sense of humor
  • Does not try to replace the parent/guardian

If you are willing to dedicate your time to serve as a role model to a child in our school, please contact Helene Cortinas.