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Learning in Action

Students in the Human Growth and Development course at Bullard High School are studying toddlers and preschoolers' physical, intellectual, emotional, and social developmental skills. To experience these skills firsthand, they recently hosted a game day event they designed specifically for these two age groups. 

Student teams created or customized age-appropriate games for the youngsters to play. The variety of games created allowed the students to evaluate how the youngsters illustrated each development skill. Last week, students demonstrated the games in class. They completed peer evaluations and provided feedback on improving them. During the game day, about 10-12 toddlers and preschoolers participated by freely choosing the games they wanted to play.  

"This project was the assessment of our Growth and Development students' knowledge of this information," teacher Amy McKeethan said. "It was also an opportunity for them to interact with young children and to experience these life stages from a developmental perspective. We were able to identify the individuality of each child and observe the differences in their forming personalities."

McKeethan added that her students will next learn the developmental skills of school-aged children.

The Human Growth and Development course is part of the Career and Technical Education department. 

preschoolers use race cars to practice mobility

preschoolers use game to fine motor skills

BHS student leads preschoolers in matching game

BHS students leading cognitive skills games