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Rising Above

During School Board Recognition Month, please join us in recognizing our Bullard ISD Board of Trustees for their tireless dedication to students and staff. Bullard ISD Board of Trustees are Cory Zahirniak, President, Place 7; Brian Vestal, Vice President, Place 2; Stephanie Luper, Secretary, Place 4; Cory Santos, Place 1; Jason Stainback, Place 3; Jason Campbell, Place 5; and Susie Saxion, Place 6.

Trustees are elected officials who spend countless volunteer hours donating their time and energy to advocate for the Bullard ISD community at the district, state, and national levels. This year’s School Board Recognition Month theme, Rising Above, recognizes the challenges school boards across the country are currently facing in K-12 education. 

“Here at Bullard ISD, we have the absolute best students and staff in the State of Texas,” Superintendent Dr. Jack Lee said. “We also have some of the most dedicated and passionate individuals serving on our Board of Trustees. Our Board consistently makes decisions that are in line with the mission and vision of our school district, and those decisions are always based on what is best for our students, staff, and community.”

In 2021, Bullard ISD achieved great things under the board’s leadership. A few of these achievements include adopting the district strategic plan that sets a new vision and mission for student success through 2026. Recognizing the immense value of Bullard ISD teachers and staff, Trustees approved a compensation plan that awarded regular employees with a two percent pay increase along with two $1,000 retention stipends. In preparing for the future of Bullard ISD, the Board of Trustees formed a facilities advisory committee to ensure facilities are in line with the projected growth expected to continue in the future.  Under the Board of Trustee's leadership, the Bullard ISD community has seen a decrease in the overall tax rate of over $0.31 per $100 valuation from the previous five years. 

Thank you to our Bullard ISD Board of Trustees for all you do to empower students and staff today so we can all embrace tomorrow.

Rising Above. School board recognition month, January 2022