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Bullard Early Childhood students make their mark on International Dot Day

Students and staff at Bullard Early Childhood Campus recently celebrated International Dot Day, a day of creativity and courage based on the children’s book “The Dot” by Peter H. Williams. 

In the book, the student character is scared to try something new in art class. The teacher encourages the student to start by just putting something down on paper. The little dot made by the student inspires new and great things to come. The book encourages young children to have enough courage to begin something new by making the first mark. 

“During our International Dot Day celebration, we celebrated making our mark on the world through creativity and self-expression.” BEC Principal Amanda Goode said. “We want our students to believe in themselves and have enough courage to make the first mark.” 

Students and teachers worldwide bring this inspirational story to life each year by celebrating International Dot Day around September 15. 

BEC teachers planned fun and engaging dot activities related to all subjects, including math, reading, writing, and STEM. In art, students decorated dots with sequins, stickers, and other materials. These dots will be turned into a tree mural for the school’s new Kindness Village. In music, students learned “The Dot Song” by Emily Arrow. In PE (physical education), they played the Find My Dot game, which encouraged students to collaborate and work together to find their team dot.

“We want students to feel empowered to try something new because it might just leave a positive mark on their lives, the lives of others, and even the world,” Mrs. Goode said. 

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student create art project in classroom

students wear dot day shirts

dot day craft project

dot day stem project

students at table painting