• Hello, my name is Travis Goode and I am the Assistant Principal here at Bullard Middle School!

    I graduated from SFA (Axe'Em Jacks) with my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology/Teaching and my Master in Educational Leadership. My passion has always been to serve and care for others, and I cannot imagine a better avenue to do this than in education. What I want you to know about me is that I am a passionate, high-energy, and hard-working person no matter what I am doing. I strive to make every day better in some way for students, staff, and anyone else who I may come in contact with that day. I also believe that every one of us have a duty to treat others respectfully, regardless of our differences and opinions. WE decide how kind and loving we want our society and world around us to be by our daily actions and interactions with one another; socially or on social media. I look forward to building meaningful and positive relationships with the community, staff, parents, and students as we embark upon a very uncertain and challenging school year. TOGETHER, we can make any negative situation into a positive one, if WE just work TOGETHER and make the most out of every decision and oportunity that has to be made. 



  • Contact Information

    Email: travis.goode@bullardisd.net 

    Phone: 903-894-6533 Ext. 2204