• Scheduling 2020 - 2021 for Currently Enrolled Students

    Welcome to Bullard Middle School! My name is Jessica Phillips and I am the middle school counselor. We are very excited for the upcoming school year and hope that you are, too. 

    Below, you will find several steps and resources regarding choosing your courses for 7th or 8th grade. Because of school closures, we will not be able to meet in person for our Scheduling Extravaganza to discuss class scheduling and course options. Please be sure to follow the steps below, depending on grade level, to ensure the highest chance of receiving your desired courses for next school year. 

    1) Each grade level has a video that provides information about required courses and electives. Before completing the "Course Request Form" for your grade level, please be sure to watch the video. 

    2) Many of the elective class teachers have created videos about their courses to help you decide which electives you are most interested in. 

    3) A Facebook Live meeting will be held for each grade level. During this meeting, I will be going over much of the same information as in the video above, but parents will be able to ask and receive answers directly in this meeting. Questions will be taken via the chat feature and I will answer them live at the end of the presentation. You can access the meeting by going to the Bullard Middle School Facebook page.

    3) After watching the correct grade level video, as well as any electives you would like to learn more about, please complete the Google Form for your grade level. 

    4) If you complete the Course Request Form and decide that you need to make changes, please do not submit another form. This will create multiple entries which could result in not getting the courses you’d most prefer. Instead, please email me at jessica.phillips@bullardisd.net and I will make your requested changes. 

     Each grade level has it's own page to the left.