• Model United Nations

    Bullard HS participates in the Region 7 ESC Model United Nations Program servicing Gifted/Talented students. The following information is from the Region 7 Educational Service Center website.   

    "The Region 7 Model United Nations is a long-term simulation in which gifted students in grades 6-12 can research the social, political, and economic factors and issues that determine the identity of a sovereign state. The research culminates in a two-day Model United Nations meeting in which these students serve as delegates from their chosen nation. Debates, resolution writing, student products, decision making, collaboration, problem solving, and persuasive, impromptu, and formal speaking all play a significant role in the success of each delegate and in the Region 7 Model UN itself. All resolution content is student researched and written under the guidance of district personnel and reviewed by committees made up of participating districts. Students are also provided with myriad opportunities during the event to showcase their research through issue collages, maps, and a digital documentary and multimedia presentation. Region 7 facilitates this event to help districts meet the requirement of the Texas State Plan for Education of Gifted/Talented students in meeting out-of-school options relevant to students' areas of strength."