An organization created for BHS student and staff support


    Kevin Blain, Principal 



    Panther Partners is a support group for meeting student and staff needs.  Our goal is to find all of the TIME, TALENT, and TREASURE available in our community to support BHS.  


    If you are a community member or parent, we can use your time!  We need volunteers for mentoring, tutoring, assisting teachers and office staff, organizing staff appreciation, and providing rewards/incentives for students for behavior and attendance.


    We need your skills!  Everyone has a skill, ranging from baking, even planning, and some even understanding algorithms. We want to use your skills to help support our students and staff.  What better support for a classroom than to have a real-life practitioner come and speak to a classroom or participate in a project?  


    Some parents and community members wish to support the students and staff, but time is a valuable commodity.  If you would like to donate to Panther Partners in order to support student and staff rewards, we will sincerely appreciate donations.  Our goal? Our goal is to reward students with good attendance and behavior and to show teachers and staff  appreciation by providing small surprises.