Arrival and Dismissal Traffic Patterns

  • Campus Arrival and Dismissal Traffic Flow:

    Early Childhood - Drop-off as usual; afternoon pick-up will stage in the lanes in the PRIDE parking lot. Someone will be available to help stage cars for the first few days.

    Elementary School and Primary School - ES  parents will enter the loop on the west side of the PS and follow the loop all the way around to the ES; PS parents will enter the loop on the east side of the ES and follow the loop around to the PS.

    Intermediate School - be prepared for the usual congestion off of 344 and the traffic flow as parents make the loop between the two campuses. Intermediate arrival and dismissal is in the front of the gym. Use both lanes in the loop and circle around to the gym entrance. 

    High School - One-way entrance only on the north side closest to Panther Crossing; exit only on the south side closest to the stadium. The left exit lane is left turn only; the right exit lane is right turn only. For those turning right onto FM2493, please do not u-turn in the car wash parking lot. This is a dangerous spot and could cause backups and/or accidents.

    Middle School - Pictures are for AFTER school pickup only! Please read carefully! Drop-off in the morning will also follow the same rules as the second photo, but is a “drop-off and go”(WATCH CAREFULLY FOR STUDENTS CROSSING AND GETTING OUT OF CARS).

    Also, please use a homemade piece of paper, or previous car sign, to hang in your car visor with the student's FIRST and LAST name for after-school pick-up! This is critical to getting your student(s) called out to you quickly.

    For the first photo with red arrows:

    traffic pattern

    If you are coming from downtown Bullard (S-Curve) and turning left from Main Street, please choose one of the two options:

    Option 1: Pull into the school (Red Arrow), pass the entrance, drive through the intersection, SAFELY turn around behind the Middle School and proceed back towards Main Street until you find the left turning lane for pick up/drop off.

    Option 2: Bypass the school altogether (yellow arrow) and turn around somewhere SAFELY past the school. Once headed back towards the school, enter the right turning lane for the school.

    For the second photo with a red and a blue arrow:

    traffic pattern exit

    ONCE YOU HAVE YOUR CHILDREN and are ready to leave the Middle School, please ask yourself the following two questions to determine which lane you should be in:

    If crossing 344 into the Mosley Addition or taking a left (west) towards Teaselville, we ask you to stay in the INSIDE (left lane) and ONLY TURN LEFT from the Middle School pickup line.

    If picking up from another campus or heading back into Bullard, stay in the OUTSIDE (right lane) and ONLY GO STRAIGHT OR TURN RIGHT from the Middle School pickup line. The BLUE arrow will allow you to go STRAIGHT and then turn LEFT back onto 344. Please utilize this lane if you can to help with flow, as turning left back onto 344 is a popular route.