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Phone Help


To dial a number, first dial the number, then press the # key to start the call. You may also dial the number then lift the receiver to start the call.


District employees can view the current district directory here. You can also access the directory from your phone by dialing the numbers coresponding to the letters in a name. For instance, to call John Smith, press 5 (J), 6 (o), 4 (h), 6 (n). This will bring up a list of any matching names you can navigate through and select to call.

Voicemail Setup

To hear your extension, dial *65. (Note: Press the # key to start the call.) Your extension will be the default password for your voicemail. If your phone is an older Grandstream model (GXP1415), press the key below VMsq on the screen to dial your voicemail. If your phone is a newer Grandstream model (GXP1615), press the envelope button. If your phone is the Yealink model, press the Message button. You will be prompted for your password which will be your extension by default. You will be guided through recording your Name, Unavailable message, and Busy message. You will then be asked to enter a new password. DO NOT enter the new password as your extension number or you will be asked to rerecord your messages each time you enter your voicemail.

Using Voicemail

When receiving a voicemail you may listen to it from the phone itself. You will also receive an email with the voicemail attached. If you wish to send a person a voicemail without calling them first, dial a * before their extension. For example, if you wished to leave a voicemail for the person with extension 1234, dial *1234.

Do Not Disturb

To toggle Do Not Disturb (DND) on and off on the Grandstream model phone, dial *76. You will hear an automated message telling you the current status of DND.

Dialing Out

You don't have to use a special prefix to dial out, just dial the number.

Long Distance

You can make calls anywhere inside the contiguous US toll-free. If you need to make a US call outside of this area, use the last four numbers of your SSN as your pass code. If you're trying to make an international call, please contact the technology department for assistance.

More Help

If you need more assistance, please submit a ticket.