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Class of 2023 hosts annual Seniors Serving Seniors outreach event

three seniors wearing Seniors Serving Seniors shirts stop doing yardwork to take a pic

The sounds of lawnmowers, weed eaters, and other yard equipment could be heard across the Bullard community today as the senior class of 2023 held their annual Seniors Serving Seniors outreach event.

Seniors Serving Seniors gives graduating seniors the opportunity to connect and serve senior citizens in the Bullard community before they walk across the stage to begin the next phase of their lives. 

The Class of 2023 split into seven groups and visited 17 home sites around Bullard. At each location, students performed yard work tasks and minor repair projects. Projects include mowing, trimming trees/shrubs, exterior painting, pulling weeds, cleaning gutters, and more.

"I really loved all of us coming together to help people who can't necessarily do it themselves, and I think it helps us just as much as them,” senior Asher Breedlove said. “I'm just glad I could help out the community as a whole."

Homeowner Lamar Brown said he enjoyed the students being there and was impressed with their work ethic. "Most of the time, teenagers just stand around and wait for others to do the work, but today, everyone has jumped in and worked hard on all these things,” he said. “I think this is a great program the high school does, and it really helps a lot.”

This year marks the fifth year of the Seniors Serving Seniors event. 

“Seniors Serving Seniors is one of our favorite traditions at BHS,” Associate Principal Chris Pawlak said. “Our seniors enjoy getting out of the classroom and into the community to meet the needs of our local senior citizens.”

girl clears limbs from back yard
students carry flower pots across the yard during Seniors Serving Seniors event
two boys load cut tree limbs on trailer


Seniors Serving Seniors group photo with a homeowner


group photos with a homeowner
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