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Bullard ISD recognizes 29 Bullard ELITE (TIA) teachers

teacher show excitement after receiving TIA designation

Today, Bullard ISD recognized 29 teachers for earning Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) designations awarded by the Texas Education Agency.  

Funded in House Bill 3 (HB 3) by the 86th Texas Legislature in June 2019, the bill established an optional TIA system to provide incentive funding to help recruit, retain, and reward exceptional teachers. Each local school system creates a TIA plan that awards state funding to teachers based on three designation levels: Master, Exemplary, and Recognized. Bullard ISD’s approved local designation system uses data captured through student growth measures and teacher evaluations through the Texas Teacher and Evaluation Support System (T-Tess). After this data is submitted, TEA awards the designations.  

Bullard ISD Superintendent Dr. Jack Lee and Assistant Superintendent Cheryl Hendrix visited the designees this morning to inform them of their designation level and the allotment amounts. The designations provide monetary awards of approximately $5,000 for Recognized designees, $10,000 for Exemplary, and $19,000 for Master designees. Overall, four teachers received Master designations, 10 received Exemplary, and 15 received Recognized designations. Bullard ISD also has two teachers who earned Recognized designations while at their previous district. Bullard ISD has committed to teachers receiving 90% of the TIA allotment amount generated for their campus, provided they are employed by the district at the time of payout. The remaining 10% will be utilized by the district to support TIA efforts at the campus. 
“It is always exciting to recognize our outstanding teachers,” Dr. Lee said. “We call teachers in our local TIA program ‘Bullard ELITE’ because they are Exceptional Leaders In Teaching Excellence. We have some of the best teachers in the state of Texas, and we are excited that TEA also recognizes this excellence by granting them a designation that will provide them with incentive funds for the next five years. These teachers are truly deserving, and we are extremely excited for them.”

The 29 Bullard ELITE teachers and designations are as follows:

Bullard Early Childhood
Bess Ray, Exemplary

Bullard Primary School
Casey Acker, Recognized
Terri Brown, Recognized
Kristi Pudwill, Recognized
Merritt Stewart, Exemplary
Shelby Vance, Recognized

Bullard Elementary School
Tracy Dinger, Exemplary
Ashley Harrison, Exemplary
Megan Henley, Exemplary
April Hunt, Recognized
Hannah McCormack, Recognized
Melissa Roberts, Exemplary
Heather Seib, Recognized
Janet Simpson, Recognized
C’Aaron Stephens, Exemplary
Brandy Swinney, Exemplary
Christy Taylor, Exemplary

Bullard Intermediate School
Kenya Johnson, Master
Lisa Langston, Master
Leslie Moore, Recognized

Bullard Middle School
Senoya Driskell, Recognized
Jennifer Heath, Master
Karey Moore, Exemplary
Susan Moore, Recognized
Brett Murry, Recognized
Shae Powell, Recognized
Alison Walker, Master

Bullard High School
Jordan Pope, Recognized
Jennifer Roberts, Recognized

View Bullard ISD ELITE TIA info and photos here!