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Bullard ISD receives TASB Risk Management Fund 2023 Excellence Award for becoming a school district First Responder Organization

Officer Bryant stands by Bullard ISD Police vehicle

 Bullard ISD is now a registered First Responder Organization (FRO). The achievement has earned the district a Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) Risk Management Fund 2023 Excellence Award.

“What this means is that we now have EMS-trained personnel to provide emergency assistance to our students, staff, or guests within minutes of a medical emergency,” Superintendent Dr. Jack said. “Our EMT can provide care and treatment until an ambulance arrives for emergency events during the school day or at district after-hours events.”

A FRO is a group or association of certified medical services personnel that works in partnership with a licensed emergency medical provider to respond to medical emergencies until ambulatory services arrive. Each FRO must have at least one certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and register with the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Through a partnership between the Bullard ISD Police Department and CHRISTUS Health System, Bullard ISD police officer Clayton Bryant completed his Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification last January, and the district received state certification in May. CHRISTUS then provided all the emergency response equipment and supplies needed. 

“Becoming a FRO came at no cost to our district, thanks to our partnership with CHRISTUS,” Lee said. “We are grateful for their support that allows us to enhance our district health and safety initiatives for the benefit of our entire Panther community.” 

“Having an EMT here in our school district provides another layer of health and safety to our students, staff, and campus guests,” Officer Bryant said. “An average ambulance response time may take up to 10 or so minutes. I can get to an emergency within minutes to provide emergency care until the ambulance arrives, whether this includes a splint for a broken arm on a playground or a serious medical event for any of our students, staff, or guests.”

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