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Bullard Elementary Schools hosts 'Rock the School...CTE Style'

student creates structure in architecture

Bullard Elementary students recently spent a day learning from Bullard High School Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers and students from the Floral Design, Robotics, Architecture, Forensic Science, Veterinary Science, Health Science, Fashion Design, Audio/Visual, and Business pathways! 

"We started Rock the School at Bullard Elementary the year we all returned from the COVID shutdown," principal Jenny Kasson said. "We decided our students needed an extra fun day while still focusing on learning, and our classroom teachers needed an extra day to plan with their teammates. It's a win-win day for everyone!"

To make the day more exciting, BES with BHS teachers and students to promote the variety of CTE programs offered at the high school level. 

"It's all about getting our students excited about what they might be doing when they get to high school and the path they may take," CTE director Amy Bickerstaff said. "Our CTE teachers and students are excited to teach fun lessons to our younger Panther friends."

  • Third and Fourth Graders participated in the following lessons and activities:
  • Engineering - students learned about Engineering by having a contest to build a gumdrop tower;  
  • Health Sciences - students learned the components of blood by making a corn syrup test tube with a lid, beans, and red hots;
  • Business - students learned how to plan a service or product;  
  • Audio/Visual - students learned how to make a Stop Action Animation Movie;  
  • Floral Design - students made flower pens;  
  • Veterinarian Science - students learned about veterinary skills with realistic stuffed dogs and cats and made a dog tag to take home.  
  • Robotics - students learned about building and operating robots; 
  • Forensic Science - students investigated a mystery with clues with "Who ate the Pumpkin Pie?";  
  • Fashion Design - students learned about sewing with felt
students operate robot in robotics
students in lab coats and stethoscopes learn about vet science




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