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Bullard Elementary School welcomes new book vending machine

front view of the book vending machine

Sitting right outside the library doors at Bullard Elementary is a new and flashy book vending machine. Sponsored by the Bullard Area Kiwanis Club, the machine serves as a fun reward system for students caught by their teachers doing and achieving great things around campus.

“After receiving the machine late last semester, we began filling it with book titles for various reading levels,” Principal Jenny Kasson said. “It has been fun seeing students stop by the machine and look at all the fun books inside.”

The machine has only been active for a few weeks. Here’s how it works.

Each teacher receives two certificates for the six-week grading period. As teachers see a student exhibiting positive traits, they will fill out the certificate and give it to the student. The student takes the certificate to the school librarian, Mrs. Garrick. She then gives the student a token and helps them select a book from the machine.

Teachers will receive two new certificates every six weeks and will begin looking for two new students to recognize. About 54 students will earn a trip to the vending machine every six weeks.

Thank you, Kiwanis, for bringing the book vending machine project to Bullard Elementary!


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