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Bullard ISD Board Trustee Named 2022 TASB Advocate of the Year

Stephanie Luper

BULLARD - Bullard ISD Place 4 Trustee Stephanie Luper is the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) 2022

Advocate of the Year. The announcement was made during the School Board Advocacy Network (SBAN) Luncheon on September 24. 

“As a former educator, I’m very aware of the importance of a strong public school system and how quality education can improve the lives of our children,” Mrs. Luper said. “Our children are the most precious resource we have, and I’m proud to be a voice for them.”

The SBAN works to enhance local school boards’ presence in the legislative process. SBAN includes at least one legislative liaison representing every school district in Texas. This liaison commits to learning about legislative issues and ensuring state and federal lawmakers know where a district stands on issues affecting public schools. 

To support the efforts of these liaisons, SBAN created a system called the Legislative Advocacy Game. The Legislative Advocacy Game is a system that includes a framework of actions to help liaisons become involved in the advocacy process. Nearly 500 liaisons participated in the SBAN Legislative Advocacy Game this year. 

Mrs. Luper said she has always felt advocacy should be a responsibility of school board trustees; she just didn't know where to start. “My advocacy journey began with a call to action from SBAN,” Mrs. Luper said. “I went to the Capitol and met all these incredible and inspiring people. It became my mission to delve into advocacy and be that voice for our children.”

Of the many topics currently affecting public education, Mrs. Luper is most passionate about improving student and staff mental health, teacher pay and retention, and school safety. 

Dax González, Division Director of TASB Governmental Relations, said Mrs. Luper stands out among the best he’s seen over his 16 years working with advocates. “Stephanie demonstrates the determination to advocate not only on behalf of Bullard schools and students but also for those across the state,” Mr. González said. “Further, she followed through to do the work necessary to be effective by learning about the issues and traveling to Austin to visit with legislators and testify before legislative committees. Trustees have so many demands of their time and energy, and it is inspiring to see them take on the role of an advocate as Stephanie has done.”

Mrs. Luper has served on the Bullard ISD Board of Trustees since 2018 and holds her current term through 2024. 

For more information, please contact Amy Pawlak, Bullard ISD Public Relations Coordinator, at 903-894-6639.

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