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In accordance with state law and good accounting principles, the Bullard ISD Board of Trustees annually adopts a budget for the next fiscal year. The budget process usually begins in the spring, and through meetings with every principal and department head, is worked into a roadmap of financial spending for the impending fiscal year. After holding a public hearing on the budget, Trustees usually adopt the proposed budget at the August meeting preceding the fiscal year the budget is covering.

Bullard ISD operates on a fiscal year that begins September 1 each year and ends the subsequent August 31. A plan of spending for the District, a useful budget has to be a flexible and adjustable document. From time to time, plans and ideas change with new leadership and as needs change, the budget changes. When the budget is changed within the fiscal year, it is through a budget amendment. Budget amendments that move funds between functions are approved by the Board of Trustees before they are available for use.

2023-24 Proposed Budget

2023-2024 Adopted Budget

Archived Budgets

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