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Bullard ISD encourages its staff, eligible students, and community to exercize their right to vote in an election process. We encourage all citizens eligible to vote to get informed, get involved, and get out to vote.

REMINDER: Anything employees do during contract hours or with Bullard ISD resources is considered a use of District funds. Please review this FAQ regarding campaign speech during elections.

Texas Elections

Whether local, state, or national elections, it is the civic responsibility of all citizens to participate in the voting process. Visit the Vote Texas website to register to vote or to check your voter registration status. 

Local elections in Texas are very important, as many of the issues that most impact Texans are decided at the local government level. Typically, voter turnout at local elections can be very low. It is important for active voters in Texas to participate in local elections. Bullard ISD splits Smith County and Cherokee County. 

Smith County Elections

Cherokee County Elections

School Board Elections

School Board Trustees are elected at-large to three-year terms representing the entire Bullard ISD community.

Learn more about Bullard ISD School Board Elections