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Meet Dr. Lee

Dr. Jack Lee headshot

Dr. Jack Lee currently serves as the superintendent of schools for Bullard ISD.  Dr. Lee has been a high school principal, assistant principal at all levels from kindergarten through high school, and previously taught in both public schools and universities as a band director, music instructor, and student-teacher supervisor.

Dr. Lee completed both his Bachelor of Music and Master of Music in Music Education degrees at The University of Texas at Arlington and received his Doctorate of Education in Educational Administration from Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Dr. Lee's parents instilled in him the importance of education.  He has made a lifetime commitment to ensure that students are provided a high-quality education, that teachers and staff are supported, and that the entire educational community is provided the resources to have a school district instructional program that connects to students’ lives, meets their interests, and serves the learning styles of the 21st-century learner. He believes that as a school district, we need to be influential in molding our students to be creators and innovators who are identified by their willingness to take risks, persist when learning gets tough, maintain self-motivation and self-direction, be inquirers, seek global awareness, and blaze the trail exploring new frontiers.

Dr. Lee and his wife, Jessica, have two children, Jackson (13) and Emmy, (10).

My core beliefs have influenced my career as a teacher, principal, and superintendent. Like any parent, my educational beliefs changed when I had children of my own.

When my children or your son or daughter walks into a classroom here at Bullard ISD, I desire for their teacher to build a deep and appropriate relationship with them, as an individual. The insight gained from this relationship, coupled with a profound understanding of the content and standards taught will allow our teachers to make a meaningful life-long impact. It will help them design lessons that our children gain knowledge which will either be applied immediately or put into long term memory for application down the road.

It is my belief that relationships are the key to an effective shared vision, high-level instruction, a positive district culture, and continuous improvement.

My vision is to work with district stakeholders to create systems of equity for all students and to ensure that each student has the opportunity to meet and maximize his or her full potential as individual students. We do this by creating deep, meaningful, appropriate relationships with our students, staff, and community as a whole.

Superintendent's Student Advisory Committee

Dr. Lee with the Supertintendent's Student Advisory Council

The Bullard ISD Superintendent's Student Advisory Committee was created in 2020.  The student-led group provides Dr. Lee and District Leadership Team insight from the student perspective on the day to day activities, procedures, and current events taking place within Bullard ISD. The Student Advisory Committee serves as an advisory role and meets periodically throughout the school year.  The committee is selected annually through an application process and is comprised of students in grades 9-12.

If you are a Bullard High School student and are interested in participating in the Superintendent's Student Advisory Committee, complete the application below!

Superintendent's Student Advisory CoMMITTEE Online Application