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    In our last parent communication survey, we received numerous responses asking for a centralized communications platform for receiving district and school messages. Therefore, we recently launched ParentSquare!

    ParentSquare is a unified communication platform that offers a whole host of tools that allows district, school administrators, and teachers to communicate more effectively and engage with families and students. Some features include:

    • Mass notifications and Urgent Alerts 
    • A mobile app (iOS and Android)
    • Teacher and classroom communication
    • Direct Messaging with two-way translation
    • Attendance notifications
    • Social (Facebook and Twitter) and website share 
    • Forms and Permission Slips
    • Appointment Sign Ups (parent-teacher conferences, etc.) 
    • Calendar and event RSVPs
    • Volunteer sign-ups
    • And so much more!

    You can learn more about ParentSquare by watching this short overview video.

    In order to have a ParentSquare account, the user must be listed as a guardian in Skyward. If you cannot log in to ParentSquare and are unsure of the information you have on file in Skyward, please contact your campus and they can help you. If updates are made in Skyward, the changes will show in ParentSquare the following day. 

    To log into ParentSquare, go to www.ParentSquare.com or download the ParentSquare app.

Parent Square Q&As

  • Is there a way to see all my notifications without toggling between schools?

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    Yes, you can see all your notifications across all your schools in one place. To easily locate a recent notification received on your mobile phone, go to the Notifications Screen. You will see all your latest notifications for posts, events, alerts, etc. From the mobile app, tap the bell icon in the upper right. View all notifications sent to your app for the last 12 weeks.

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  • Why am I able to log in but my spouse cannot?

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    ParentSquare automatically creates accounts for users who are listed as guardians in Skyward. Be sure to check your Skyward account to see if your spouse is listed as a guardian. ParentSquare does NOT create accounts for those listed as emergency contacts. If your spouse is not listed as a guardian, please call your campus, and they can update your Skyward account for you. 

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  • Can my family member be added to ParentSquare so they can see messages?

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    Only users who are listed as guardians in Skyward are granted ParentSquare accounts. To be added to ParentSquare, an existing guardian must call the campus to update their Skyward account with additional guardian information (name/email/phone number).

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  • How and When Do I Receive Posts/Messages?

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    In their account settings, users can set their own language preferences and notifications for receiving posts/messages.

    In Preferences, users can select the language they prefer. Posts/messages will be delivered in their selected language.

    In Notifications, users can select if they want to receive messages by email, text, and/or app notification. Email is the default. Users will need to turn on text and app notifications if they choose. Users can also select to receive messages “instantly” or in “digest” mode (digest holds all messages until the evening and delivers them all at once.) Digest is the system default. So be sure to set your notifications if you want to receive posts/messages instantly. Urgent Alerts from the district or campus will always deliver instantly. 

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  • Why do I see another guardian on my account?

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    ParentSquare syncs with information that is in Skyward. If another guardian is visible to you, you both have the same phone number or email in Skyward. We recommend calling your campus to update the guardians listed on your Skyward account with their phone number and email address.

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  • Should I combine accounts if I see my spouse's account info?

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    If you see another guardian on your account, it is because you have a shared phone number and/or email in Skyward. If you combine, these accounts will merge into one account. Each guardian should have their own accounts by having their own email or phone number in Skyward if they want to engage inside the ParentSquare app. 

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  • My student was told to use StudentSquare. What is that?

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    Middle and High School Students should download the StudentSquare app from their Apple or Google Play stores. Once they download the app, they can log in by clicking "log in with Google". In their account information, students can customize their notifications to receive messages by email, text, and/or app. Email is the system default, so we recommend they also select to receive messages by text. To receive texts, students also need to enter their cell phone number into their account settings. 

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  • How do I log in to ParentSquare?

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    You can log in to ParentSquare using a desktop computer or your mobile device. Go to ParentSquare.com and log in using the email or phone number you have on your student's file in Skyward. You can also download the ParentSquare app through the iOS or Google Play stores. You will still login using the email or phone number you have on your student's account in Skyward.

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