• Supplies




    Principles of Arts/AV/Communications


    2 Spiral Notebooks


    3-Ring Binder 

    Box of Kleenex or two



    Portage Reporter's Notebook - 12-pack - If unable to get these, please let me know! You could also buy something of similar size or even some spiral notebooks work too.


    Digital Recording Device - EVISTR 16 GB Digital Voice Recorder - This is a great model, but any digital voice recorder with USB capabilities and a headphone jack is acceptable. There are cheap options on Amazon, but you also can find these in Wal-Mart, Target or Office Depot.


    You can also try out different smart phone apps or we can use the voice memo function on an iOS device (maybe Android has something similar). I am not super high on these because apps crash and notifications, texts and phone calls can interrupt recordings. But it can be a temporary stop gap until a device can be retrieved.



    Red Pens


    3-Ring Binder (large rings)

    3-Ring Binder Dividers with Labels


    Recommended but not required at this time - AP Stylebook




    3-Ring Binder (large rings)

    2 Spiral Noteboooks


    2 Disposable Cameras - Fujifilm QuickSnap 2-Pack - This is a 2-Pack that might save a bit on Amazon. But you can find these at Wal-Mart, Walgreens/CVS, Target, etc. These will mostly be for the start of the school year to familiarize with taking pics and operating a camera.