• COURSE CURRICULUM:  Biology/Honors Biology

    UNIT 1: Intro to Biology                                                      Chapter 1

                Lab safety and Scientific Method

    UNIT 2: Biochemistry                                                          Chapter 6

                Macromolecules, Enzymes, pH,

                Properties of water

    UNIT 3: Cells                                                                      Chapters 7-9                                            

                Cell Structure and Function,

                Metabolism and Transport,

                Reproduction, Cellular energy

    UNIT 4: Genetics                                                                 Chapters 10-13

                Classical and Modern Genetics

    UNIT 5: Evolution, Viruses and Bacteria,                               Chapters 14-24

                Ecology, Plants, Body Systems        



    How to Contact Mrs. Estes:    




    Materials Needed for Class:

    • 1" three ring binder to leave in class
    • Pencils and pens
    • Colored pencils
    • Highlighters
    • Note cards 
    • Markers
    • Scissors
    • Expo Markers
    • Kleenex 

    Course Requirements:

    Biology Expectation: Students will be expected to:

    • Focus on learning Biology
    • Follow all classroom rules
    • Follow student code of conduct
    • No non-classroom activities (no food, no grooming, water only, no phones)
    • Be in your seats when the tardy bell rings


    Benefits of following expectations:

    • You will pass Biology
    • You will pass the Biology EOC
    • We will have a safe and fun environment for learning


    Grading: Test will be 60% of your grade. Classroom work, homework, labs, group work, projects and quizzes will be 40% of your grade.


    Discipline procedures:

    • Conference with student concerning inappropriate behavior
    • Phone call to parent concerning inappropriate behavior
    • After-school teacher detention
    • Staff meeting with parent, student, teacher, principal and counselor
    • Referral can be given at any step in this process if it is deemed necessary.


    Late or make-up work:

    • Late work will have a start grade of 70.
    • You have one class period to make up missed work. It is your responsibility to ask for missed assignment.


    Tutoring Schedule:

    • Monday-Friday   7:20-7:50


    Student and Parent Acknowledgement Form


    I have read the above information and am aware of my responsibilities in my Biology classroom and will abide by all instructions.


    Student Name:________________________________ Class Period:__________


    Student Signature:___________________________________________________

    Parents ,please visit my web site for access to Google classroom. You will find it on Bullard ISD website.


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