TEKS Resource System
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    TEKS Resource is a curriculum that clearly articulates the expectations of students that are identified from the TEKS.  The blueprint for success is achieved through concepts and understandings, performances and products, and instructional delivery.  Instructors are provided the tools to teach the TEKS in an interactive manner.

    The information and TRS content provided through this Parent Portal may not necessarily reflect local decisions regarding implementation of TRS content as well as things such as the break-down of grading periods.

    Steps to Viewing the Curriculum

    Search Option 1

    1. Select Parent Resources

    2. Search TCMPC Components

    3. Select the grade level/ subject area/ course/ version

    4. Click the curriculum document you wish to view

        (Vertical, TEKS Clarification (K-HS Math Only), Year at a Glance, TEKS Verification, Instructional Focus Document)

    5. Search Parent Resouces


    Search Option 2- Vertical Alignment Viewer

    1. Select Parent Resources

    2.  Click VErtical Viewer

    3. Select the subject area/grade level