Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How do I apply to be a subsitite teacher at BISD? 

    The substitute packet is available at the Bullard ISD Administration Building.  Please see the Receptionist.

     Q: How much to substitute teachers get paid? 

    A certified teacher is paid $95 a day; a non-certified teacher is paid $75.  After 10 consecutive days for the same teacher the pay is increased to $110 for certified teachers and $85 for non-certified. 

     Q: How to I change my direct deposit?

    The Direct Deposit form can be printed.  Please complete the form, attach a voided check, and submit to the Administration Building prior to the 2nd Friday of month.  

    Q: What is the process to change my name at work after I get married or divorced? 

    To change your name in TruTime & Payroll Systems:

    Bring your new Social Security Card and Driver's License to the Administration office for your personnel file.  If your name was changed on your bank account you will need to provide a new voided check and complete a new Direct Deposit Form at that time as well.  

    To change your computer login and email address:

    Submit an IT Help Desk ticket to explaining your current name/login and your new name.  You must inform IT that you have already submitted proper documentation to personnel as we can only make changes which are reflected on your SS Card and License. 

    Q: Who do I contact with questions regarding benefits?

    All employee benefit information may be found online at the Employee Benefits Page.  If you have additional questions please contact Stephanie Yates at 903-894-6639.  

    Q: What do I need to do if I get hurt at work? 

    Contact your supervisor IMMEDIATELY.  

    You MUST complete and submit a First Report of Injury form.  Please see attached list of Approved Workers' Comp Facilities and Notice of Injured Employee Rights and Responsibilities (ENGLISH or SPANISH).  

    Q: What do I do if I'm going to be out of work for an extended period of time? 

    Contact your direct supervisor regarding FMLA.