• How to read Bullard ISD Salary Schedules and Job Descriptions

    Each Bullard ISD Job Description contains a Pay Grade, paired with a number of days worked.  The 5 Bullard ISD Salary Schedules are divided by salary, Administrative/Professional, and hourly positions: Paraprofessional, Auxillary, Technology, and Bus Schedules. Positions on the same salary level may work different numbers of days, so it is important to note the number of days assigned to the position.  

    The chart will outline minimum, midpoint, and maximum salaries a position that falls in that range has the possibility of making.  Most employees will make between the minimum and midpoint ranges.  The new salary schedules were implemented as a plan to allow room for growth over time within Bullard ISD as we develop into a larger district.  Annual pay increases are calculated off the midpoint salary for a pay grade level.