New Bullard ISD Account

  • New Staff Help

    Your Bullard ISD Account will let you log into most Bullard ISD services including your computer, email, Moodle, website, and Google services (Calendar, Drive, etc). Your password will sync between all of these services.

    New accounts are automatically generated from Skyward, our Student Information and School Business System.Your new account cannot be created until you have submitted all of the required information (SSN card, Drivers License, etc) to the Administration Building staff.

    Once you have submitted all of your information, an account will be generated for you:

    Username: <legal first name>.<legal last name>
    Display Name: <Legal First Name> <Legal Last Name>
    Email Address: <username>
    Password: Bullard<last four numbers of SSN>

    Example John Smith with SSN 123-45-6789:

    Username: john.smith
    Display Name: John Smith
    Email Address:
    Password: Bullard6789


    First Time Account Setup

    If you use another name besides your legal name you can have your username/email changed by submitting a ticket.
    This process will be much easier to do before you have logged into your computer and email. If you’d like to change your username, please submit a ticket before logging in.

    In order for you to access your email, you will need to perform the Changing Your Password procedure to set your own password. You should also Set Your Security Questions in case you need to reset your password later.


    You will be able to log into most computers in the district with your Bullard ISD Account username and password.

    If you are a teacher or office staff, you will be assigned a notebook computer and/or a desktop computer depending on your role. Your supervisor will coordinate with technology staff to have a computer checked out to you.

    Email, Calendar, and Contacts

    Before accessing your Email, Calendar, or Contacts, you must perform the First Time Account Setup procedure (see above).

    Your Email, Calendar, and Contacts are all part of your Google Account provided to you by Bullard ISD. You may access your email here.

    Please see Google Support for basic help with Google services. See here for help setting up your email on your smartphone.

    File Storage (Google Drive)

    Before accessing your Google Drive, you must perform the First Time Account Setup procedure (see above).

    With your Google Account provided by Bullard ISD you have access to unlimited cloud storage. You are responsible for the data you store on your Google Drive. The technology staff will not assist with storing or downloading personal files (personal pictures, movies, etc). Additionally your files might become Public Record once uploaded to your Google Drive.


    If you need technology or maintenance support, please submit a help desk ticket. If you do not yet have access to your Bullard ISD Account, you can use your personal email to submit a helpdesk ticket.

    Submitting a helpdesk ticket is the best way to get help. Please do not directly contact technicians by email, phone, or stop them in the hall. If you have an emergency, you may contact maintenance or technology from our Emergency Contacts page.


    See the Phone Help page for setting up your phone and voicemail. If your phone does not display your name, please submit a helpdesk ticket to have your phone reset.


    Your Skyward accounts (Gradebook, TruTime) are separate from your main Bullard ISD Account. Your Skyward account information will be given to you when they are set up.