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A-F Accountability Rating

Bullard ISD Press Release

BULLARD, TX— Friday, January 6, 2017.


TEA A-F Accountability Rating


Notable points of interest related to the above test scores:

  • Domains 1, 2, and 3 are based solely on test performance
  • Domain 4 is based upon attendance and college readiness
  • Domains 1 and 4 are two categories that summarize all student performance
  • Domains 2 and 3 are breakdowns of subcategory analysis


The new accountability ratings are a trial system implemented by TEA. This is not a permanent rating and we anticipate adaptations to the scoring system and grades in the future. BISD will continue to use the current accountability ratings of Met Standard until the A-F Rating system is finalized. The district plans to use the information provided to focus strategies of improvement in student learning for all students in the Bullard Independent School District as well as celebrate the accomplishments of each campus.


No overall grade has been given to the district or campuses at this time. When TEA releases overall ratings Bullard ISD will distribute those to the public.


"Bullard ISD values accountability as it pertains to outcomes that improve Teaching and Learning. The new A-F accountability system has many untested variables and will require a significant amount of analysis over time before it is proven to be an effective measuring tool that leads to the improvement of student achievement.  We are proud of the students and teachers on our campuses and the accomplishments they have achieved whether they are evident in the new accountability system or they are not. BISD will ALWAYS continue to be passionate about using data to continuously improve at meeting the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of our students."


Additional Scores and Information

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Bullard ISD Overview of A F Rating

Bullard ISD Overview of A F Rating

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